Friday, December 19, 2008


What a busy time of the year for all of us!! My Senior Pastor is taking a month off so it isn't going to get much better especially since, sandwiched in that time, I have to go to Houston for a week.

I am driving my daughter to Texarkana tonight to meet up half-way with another family member. She really wanted to spend Christmas with our family and it didn't seem right for her to have to stay here just because I had to. It will be the first Christmas without her and I'm not looking forward to it at all.

One of the main fuses to the house has blown and hopefully the electrician will finally make it out here today. It has been since Tuesday without all of the lights and most of the electrical outlets. Thank goodness the major appliances and the heat didn't go out.

I have a funeral tomorrow and a cold, too. It is a really weird virus. I feel like crap but I don't have hardly any drainage or even much of a cough. My headache and sore throat are the worst of the symptoms. The funeral is a graveside service, so it won't be very long. Plus, there won't be much of crowd so I won't have to project my voice very far, which is very, very good. I don't think it would go very far. This is the first time I've been sick since that horrible, horrible flu I got last April, so I'm feeling pretty lucky.

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