Friday, February 17, 2012


One of the worst parts of being a pastor is the whole employee/self-employed situation as it relates to the IRS. Before I loved when I received my W-2 because it meant that soon I would be getting a check in the mail from the US Government. I understand that it was really my money but it felt like a gift that meant I could buy something special or pay off bills or whatever.

Now when I get my W-2, it just means that I have to work on taxes even if I pay an accountant. It helps that I computerized all my stuff years ago so it doesn't mean digging through boxes of receipts or anything that horrible, but it still means that I have to spend the day getting things "ready" for the accountant. And it usually means that I end up having to pay into the IRS.

So like many unpleasant chores that I can put off, this is one of the things that I leave until the last minute. I am proud of myself for getting everything finished today. Hurray!! Yippee!! Alleluia!!

I can at least celebrate until the accountant calls back with how much I will have to pay by April 15. This year I did start having the churches I serve to start taking it right out of my paycheck, just like the old days. I have my fingers crossed that I will only owe the accountant this year.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Post Cruise

After returning home from the RevGalS BE#5, I finally succumbed to the pesky sinus infection/cold that had been threatening me for weeks. I guess everything I had done to push the sickness away from caused the eventual fall to be really, really harder than it might have normally been. In other words, I was sicker than a dog for over a week. Glad to report that I am finally on the mend except for a pesky, lingering cough.

My first cruise and my first time with so many other wonderful ministry women was a unique experience and I loved both. I was able to observe that so many of us go through the same ups and downs in our ministries. We don't all seem to deal with them in the same way or come out of them the same way, which is to be expected. The church is a rough place for women in leadership. We sometimes go into ministry thinking that everyone will be "just like Jesus" and loving, sweet and supportive ALL the time. We discover just the opposite. I think that ministry is much more rough and tumble than we like to admit.

When I worked in the corporate world, I knew going in that I was not going to win a lot of friends or popularity contests. I expected to have conflict and so was not disappointed when it came my way. With ministry, we seem to have an innate desire to please everyone and for everyone to like us. Thank God for my business experience, it doesn't strike me as hard as it might when I find that someone, for some reason or for no reason at all, just doesn't like me. Frankly, I find it hard to like some of them too. Oh, I can still love them as Jesus love me, but I won't be expected to be invited over for family events or anything.

It seems like most of my troubles seem to come from women and not men. I can get along with "grumpy old men" much better than I can with some women. At least with most of the men, they are up front with why they don't agree with something, not all women can be quite as direct.

So back to the cruise, we had such a large group that it was impossible to get to know everyone in only one week. And I am not complaining just stating a fact. I did feel that with almost every that I met however, that I COULD become friends with and that was a great feeling. I did hear some complaints from at least one of the old-timers about such a large group but I am am dismissing that due to the fact we are all bitchy once in while. I know that my physical sickness definitely interfered with getting to know many of the women and I regret that especially since I am usually healthy as a horse. I know that I would love to go again at some future date. Probably not next year since my daughter will be finishing her Senior year of high school and rumor as it that can get expensive.