Friday, February 17, 2012


One of the worst parts of being a pastor is the whole employee/self-employed situation as it relates to the IRS. Before I loved when I received my W-2 because it meant that soon I would be getting a check in the mail from the US Government. I understand that it was really my money but it felt like a gift that meant I could buy something special or pay off bills or whatever.

Now when I get my W-2, it just means that I have to work on taxes even if I pay an accountant. It helps that I computerized all my stuff years ago so it doesn't mean digging through boxes of receipts or anything that horrible, but it still means that I have to spend the day getting things "ready" for the accountant. And it usually means that I end up having to pay into the IRS.

So like many unpleasant chores that I can put off, this is one of the things that I leave until the last minute. I am proud of myself for getting everything finished today. Hurray!! Yippee!! Alleluia!!

I can at least celebrate until the accountant calls back with how much I will have to pay by April 15. This year I did start having the churches I serve to start taking it right out of my paycheck, just like the old days. I have my fingers crossed that I will only owe the accountant this year.

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