Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Time

By now most of us of almost used to the time change. I love Daylight Savings Time but detest the losing an hour of sleep part of the whole change over. I am becoming an advocate of leaving it this way forever. Who do we have to petition for that to become reality? I was stationed in Arizona for two years and for two years the time remained the same. I would have enjoyed it if I wasn't a shift worker and our shift rotated every two weeks, but I digress.

The other part of this time of year is becoming very apparent in the South, all of our cars are covered with a nice yellow color....tree pollen in out in full force. One can only gaze longingly out the window at the wonderful weather because to venture out requires a HazMat level breathing apparatus for those of us who suffer from allergies. I just take a record level of allergy medicine because I am weak willed and must go outside and work in my vegetable garden.

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