Thursday, May 14, 2009


It seems like forever since I blogged. My life has been so hectic that when I finally get home I seem to plop down in front of the television or go straight to bed. It won't get any better soon since I received my next semester's pre-assignments yesterday which are all due by July 13th.

I did do one really neat thing since I blogged last. I went on a Dental Mission of Mercy trip. The Arkansas Dental Association comes together once a year to provide free dental care to the needy. We helped close to 2,000 people receive much needed dental care. One guy had to have sixteen teeth extracted. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain he was in.

I have been having trouble getting motivated when it comes to reading my assigned books. I am so tired of all this. The church has been great about giving me the two weeks per year off and giving me time during the week to work on this project.

Part of all this might be the fact I am getting over a pretty nasty bug. I just don't feel like I have any energy. However, I am very excited about being Commissioned next month. The months are just too crowded though...May-Mission Trip, June-Annual Conference, July-D.Min. Seminar, August, trip to Kansas.

And Sixteen books to read and write papers over between now and July. Pray for me...............

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mid-life rookie said...

I too have been in a low motivational state for the last several weeks- read blog in April for various contributing factors. I will pray for you - am praying for you. When is commissioning? Oh, I wish I could be there! I will be in your great state for Bishops Week at Mt. Seqouyah. Any chance we can get together? As I have no concept of your geography, I don't know if that's even reasonable.

I met up with our mutual friend in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago. We each drove about an hour and a half and met in the middle.