Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Secrets, Secrets and More Secrets

I find the way that the church handles appointments extremely interesting. It is like the cabinet doesn't want anything to come out until it all happens at one time. This sets up an interesting dynamic between the hierarchy and the clergy (and laity). The cabinet is making all the appointments and the clergy are all calling each other and trying to figure out who is going and who is staying. It becomes the only time of the year (or so it seems) when clergy become like stalkers from TMZ

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The Thief/Rev. Run said...

Often the "secrecy" is exactly what you suspect; they want one message to come out at the same time. This is important when one appointment has been filled but another is waiting (like, Pastor A has been appointed to First UMC, but Pastor B, who is leaving First UMC, hasn't been appointed yet). I know the first time I was moved, I was *required* to announce on a certain day (due to the fact that they were announcing in the church where I was going to), so even though I had vacation planned for months in advance, I still had to announce. It was nuts.

But if that *is* the case, they need to just come out and say it. The secrecy is pure BS. All of the crap that goes into the appointment system, beyond the prayer and discernment, is unbelievable.