Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Charge Conference

Tomorrow night is my church's Charge Conference. I understand the whole historical significance of the Charge Conference but since all the same information is submitted in the End-of-Year Reports it really should be re-thought, re-vamped or deleted.

If they want a chance for the congregation to have a meeting with the D.S. that is fine but it doesn't seem very efficient use of time.

I'm just saying....................

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The Thief said...

Charge Conference is a dinosaur that needs to go extinct. Here in West Ohio, we do "cluster" charge conferences. Multiple churches come together and there is a rubber stamp vote on all the paperwork (that I am guessing nobody ever really looks at). All of the material had already been voted in at our ad board meeting. Besides me, we had 2 people from our church there.

We got a sermon from the DS, but the business meeting part was conducted by another elder (I did one earlier last month), so it isn't even about meeting with the DS anymore.