Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yes, yes, I know.....calm down, but I'm still very excited about the election and a little bummed too. My state passed a law that singles, people who cohabitate and homosexuals cannot be foster parents or adopt. It says that kids that are raised in non-traditional homes grow up to have problems down the road. Does this mean that my daughter will have problems down the road? I think that I provide a stable, loving home. I know that this law wasn't directed at me but at gays. Personally, I grew up in a two parent home and had many more problems. It is a sad day. Bummed about the whole California thing too.

But I am also very excited about Obama being elected President. It makes me want to join the Peace Corp. I'm just a little giddy.

Now I really, really want to know what kind of puppy the girls will get when they move into the White House.

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DogBlogger said...

I am SO disappointed in my home state for that stupid foster parent move. Doesn't anybody realize this prohibits single grandparents from fostering their own grandkids?

And, I hear the new puppy will be a cockapoo.