Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Trip

I am getting everything ready to send my daughter off to the University of Kansas for the next three week, while I prepare to leave for Houston. She loves going to the Duke TIP summer camps. I love the fact that Duke puts its money where its mouth is and gives her a scholarship to attend the camp. Last year it was Philosophy and this year it is Introduction to Medical Science.

Let me tell you, sending a teen-ager off to study philosophy is the biggest mistake you can make. For months, I was told that my arguments for anything were illogical. I had to resort to "I'm your mother and I told you so" way too many times.

Pray that she had a safe trip. It doesn't seem to get any easier to let her out of my sight.

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Jovial Jay said...

I'm hoping you're the same Dulce Proud that married Jay Shepard in 1994 in California. Please let me know. Thanks,