Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yesterday we lost a member of our small family -- Misti -- she was only ten years old. I remember getting her for Ryss because her other "best friend" Stormy was the only other cat in our house. Turns out the cats really didn't like each other and Misti became best friends with Gus the daschund. They would cuddle together for hours and give each other baths.

She was the shyest member of out family and until the last couple of years most people never even knew we had another cat. I'm not a cat person, but I cried like a baby yesterday when the vet put her to sleep. She went downhill so fast over the holiday week-end and really didn't give us a lot of warning that anything was wrong until it was too late.

We buried her yesterday and put a gardenia bush over the grave, so next Spring the scent with remind us of what a great cat she was and that she is missed. I probably won't ever get another cat but I'm not sorry she became a member of our family.

Stormy is still going strong and she is two years older than Misti. She acts more like a dog than a cat. I hope she makes it into her late twenties for Ryss' sake.

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