Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have decided to give up meat for Lent and to show support for my daughter who has decided to become a vegetarian. I know so much more about nutrition now then I did twenty years ago when I tried to be a vegetarian and got sick. I do need some Tofu recipes, so send them to me if you have some good ones.

I am nervous about the BOM interviews on March 5th, because of my experience in Texas. The process has been so much better here that I am feeling somewhat better, plus I do know at least one person on my first interview team. Going to all those Clergywomen Luncheons might have been a good idea after all. I don't have anyone that can go with me to the interview, so that kind of sucks, but I will take a couple of books and my IPOD (maybe my laptop).

Another issue that has been troubling me--conflict between Senior Pastor and New Church Start Pastor--has resolved itself. I had been drawn into the middle of the conflict by the SP (not a comfortable place at all). It looks like we launch the new church this summer. I am excited about that, but will miss the NCS pastor. He has become a good friend, plus our daughters are the same age and go to the same school.

Okay, I have to write ANOTHER Evangelism paper for my D.Min.....this is getting really old.


DogBlogger said...

When we gave up meat for Lent on year, we found Pete's Tofu. I like the seasoned ones that come with sauces.

Also, if you have a Pei Wei near you, they do the best job with tofu of any restaurant I know.

mid-life rookie said...

No help here on the tofu front. Call me on your interview day if you need or want to talk.