Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trinity Trekker's

Today is our big walk in the park with our dogs (dogs optional). It's been planned for months. Everyone is excited. The weather was up in the 70' it is in the 30's and falling....and now it's raining. My big boy Luke will love the walk anyway. He has enough hair for two or three other dogs. His owner/Mom will not be as happy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have decided to give up meat for Lent and to show support for my daughter who has decided to become a vegetarian. I know so much more about nutrition now then I did twenty years ago when I tried to be a vegetarian and got sick. I do need some Tofu recipes, so send them to me if you have some good ones.

I am nervous about the BOM interviews on March 5th, because of my experience in Texas. The process has been so much better here that I am feeling somewhat better, plus I do know at least one person on my first interview team. Going to all those Clergywomen Luncheons might have been a good idea after all. I don't have anyone that can go with me to the interview, so that kind of sucks, but I will take a couple of books and my IPOD (maybe my laptop).

Another issue that has been troubling me--conflict between Senior Pastor and New Church Start Pastor--has resolved itself. I had been drawn into the middle of the conflict by the SP (not a comfortable place at all). It looks like we launch the new church this summer. I am excited about that, but will miss the NCS pastor. He has become a good friend, plus our daughters are the same age and go to the same school.

Okay, I have to write ANOTHER Evangelism paper for my D.Min.....this is getting really old.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Okay, here we are again. I go before the Board of Ordained Ministry on March 5th. Everything has been going so much better than in Texas but I'm a little pessimistic about Boards. Arkansas does everything all in one day though so at least I will know at once.

So I need everyone to be praying for me on March 5th at 11 a.m. and at 6 p.m., that's when I have my two interviews before the various components of the Conference board.

Friday, February 6, 2009


So I have found a new way to waste time, Facebook. It has allowed me to keep in touch with my family in Texas, so I'm glad that I joined. It is amazing how much time can pass before you even know it.

I am going a few houses down later tonight to get to know one of my neighbors. I met her (through my Aunt) when I first moved here, but neither of us has made much of an effort until we became friends on Facebook. Ryss is going to babysit for her on Monday and we wanted a chance for all the kids to get to know each other.

The DBOM suggested that I make friends outside of the church...which is kind of hard considering I spend most of my time at church or at home working on papers and stuff. I learned in the TAC to take recommendations and suggestions as an order, it makes them much happier. The issue is that I am introverted and like to be alone.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Ryss has decided to become a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian for about two years (It happened to coincide while I was dating a vegetarian). I am going to try and diet alongside of her since I have gained back all of the weight I lost last year before I moved. (how embarrassing). I am back on track though, exercising every day, eating right, and all that other good stuff.

So you are my accountability group, feel free to email me and keep me on the right track.

A Time to Write

Usually I am running to and fro, hospital visits, planning and leading Bible Study's, prayer groups, mission team events, etc. Finding time to write doctoral papers and/or blogs is getting harder and harder to find. Luckily I have a Senior Pastor who also worked on her doctorate while serving a large membership church and she is giving me a day off to write every week.

I wish I had something profound to write here but so far things are going so well my lingering pagan side wants to start knocking on wood. I am teaching a class over Stephen Job's on the Three General Rules of John Wesley. He took something that has been a part of our heritage and turned it into a money-making proposition. Cokesbury has displays of his little book, his new journal, his DVD, his Bible Study. I need to learn from a guy like this.