Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Duke University

My daughter was selected to participate in the Duke University Talent Search Program. She took her ACT College Entrance Exam and scored a 22. Not bad for a 7th grader, which actually put her in the 65% percentile of all Texas Seniors taking the test.

She made it into the program and now has all of these wonderful opportunities to study at various universities around the nation. I can only pray that the financial aid will help with the tuition because otherwise I am going to have to disappoint her. It costs in the neighborhood of $3,000 for a three week session.

She wants to be a doctor, so that she can serve in 3rd World Nations. I'm proud of her and as a parent, want to help you as much as possible. It is very expensive though and costs as much as my doctoral semester. OUCH!!

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