Saturday, March 22, 2008

Popular Culture

I'm not that into keeping up with celebrity doing's (frankly, I don't usually care), but I found this e-mail from my cousin very amusing. I think, in part, because as a parent I had to watch many of these children's shows, over and over and over.....

Dragon Scales
So you heard that Jennifer Lopez just had twins, a boy and a girl, right? Anyway.. I just heard the names that she and her husband chose for the little darlings...
Max and Emme..LIKE ON DRAGON TALES????!!!!!! Those of you with little ones around will surely recognize this.
I am hoping that this was not intentional, but now every time I see those precious babies for the rest of their lives I will not be able to contain myself from singing "Emme wished on a dragon scale and that's what started dragon tales", etc. etc.
Let's just pray that their next child isn't named Ketzel...
Ahh crazy Hollywood.
Just an observation,

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Rev. Dulce said...

And in the show, Max was Emme's brother.