Tuesday, April 1, 2008


This is the blog where I am going to list all of my daughter's recent accomplishments, so skip it if you don't want to hear from a proud momma.

1. Accepted into Duke University's Gifted & Talented Program and received a significant scholarship ($2,450) from them to attend their summer classes. She chose to study Philosophy at the University of Kansas this summer (I will never win another argument with her). She scored a 22 on her ACT, not too bad for a 13-year-old.

2. UIL Competitions: Science 1st Place, Number Sense 2nd Place, Ready Writing 2nd Place (These are all District-wide competitions).

3. 4-H Competitions: 1st Place Intermediate Team Horse Judging District Competition (District has 22 counties); 1st Place Individual High Point Horse Judging; 1st Place Performance Horse Judging. And last night, 1st Place County in Musical Instrument Performance.

4. Grand Champion Junior High Cheerleading Squad at National Competition.

Okay, that's all the brag's for the month of March......April is only starting.

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