Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Mexico

Well, New Mexico was a disappointment. They don't have any full-time positions available but have some part-time church's available if I want one. I told them that it would depend on what I hear from Arkansas.

The D.S. in Arkansas sounded promising but they are behind in their appointment process and have to place all of their members before considering transfers. He said that my name has been brought up several times, but once again they have to place their own members first.

He did say that he still has two full-time appointments in his district that have no names behind them. I asked him if at the end of the process they were still unfilled would he want me in his district. He said, "In a heart-beat"!! So that sounds promising and since it happened within fifteen minutes of getting the disappointing news from New Mexico, I didn't sink into depression.

My daughter didn't want to go to New Mexico so she was conflicted about the news. She was ecstatic that we aren't going but she felt sorry for me at the same time. She is going through her own angst at this time because of leaving all her friends behind. I hope that I can find a church and stay there until she graduates from High School. I have been here for 4 1/2 years. I would only need to stay in one place for five years for that to happen.

I can feel your prayers.....keep them coming.

BTW, I am still working on my doctorate because I have faith that God will find a place for me, so I haven't given up hope.


DogBlogger said...

I grew up in Arkansas and know a couple of the DSs there... get my email from Mid-life Rookie if you want to compare notes.

mid-life rookie said...

I know it's hard to be in this situation. I mean I really know. From this side, it's easy to say hang in there, the right thing will come. Having spent a lot of time on your side, I know that sounds like b-ll, so just know we are praying.

Crimson Rambler said...

and so are we...

mid-life rookie said...

just so you know, I'm still dropping by here every couple of days and praying for you.