Saturday, June 14, 2008

Out & About

I started writing early this morning and finished my leadership section of the D.Min. writing. So later after Ryss finally dragged out of bed, we went for a walk at a cool neighborhood park. The river that runs through it was back in its banks after last nights storms. We walked through the trails or, rather I walked, she practiced her skateboarding techniques. You couldn't even tell that we were in the city. It was relaxing.

She has convinced me to take her out to eat tonight. This is after spending yesterday at the mall. She said, "I can totally be a city girl." All it took was a two minute drive to the mall and she is acclimated. Nice.


more cows than people said...

sounds like you're settling in quite nicely. and the work will get done. it will!

Rev. Dulce said...

You are right it will. Remember this advice when you are moving into your new house.