Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Balancing Act

I know that all of you can relate to this, especially those of you with children in school. It is a struggle to balance our duties to the church, parishioners, and our children. Finding time to blog, to read, to write, to exercise, and sometimes to even sleep becomes a balancing act.

I have found a new ability which helps.....I can now read while on the exercise bike. The key is NOT to rest the book on my belly (which is not a stable platform, no laughing).

I broke down and joined one of the city park's health centers. It allows Ryss to train for her new thing (running in a marathon) in relative safety. It has a pool which is kind to my joints. And, of course, the infamous stationary bicycle. I've decided that maybe if I have invested money in it, I might actually do it (exercise). It really has one great side-effect, which is I sleep much better. This afternoon Ryss is trying Kick-boxing. She asked me to do it too. I said, "Absolutely Not, my knees have trouble walking across the parking lot. I'm not doing that it will kill me!!"

And so the balancing act goes on. I am in charge of both services this Sunday, so everyone else can take Labor Day Week-End off.

Life is good!!


The Thief said...

Ryss is going to run a marathon? wow! I hope they've got a lot of space to run at the health center, because she's going to be putting on a LOT of miles!

Rev.Dulce said...

She is training for a 1/2 marathon. I'm going to hook her up with a couple of High School cross-country coaches in the church. It should be interesting.

I may have to break down and have the surgery on my knee that the doctor's have been pushing for years, just so I can keep up.

Philyra said...

Great work.