Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wing Walking

I watched the video of the couple who had their marriage ceremony conducted while strapped on the wings of an airplane. I watched as the pastor/official that officiated at the service was strapped on and thought "Not only No but Hell No!!". There is no way that I would be strapped onto the wings of an airplane to marry a couple.

Good news to report: Ryss found out yesterday that she got assigned to the school that she desperately wanted to go to. She was assigned to the "International Baccalaureate" program because of her academics. Apparently there are only 400 middle schools in the United States that have this program. I'm much more excited that she will be taking a Violin Class and a High School Spanish class. At our last school, she would have had to wait another year before she started a foreign language. I have never understood waiting until High School for foreign languages. I believe that we should start them in Kindergarten like other nations, when it is easier to learn a foreign language.

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