Saturday, August 9, 2008


So Ryss has two weeks to do the entire summer's homework assignments for her new school. And we had already made plans for her to spend the last week of summer with her best friend in Texas (which she left for today). It is amazing what that child can get done with sufficient motivation. And now it is quiet in my house again. I know that it won't last long though and with school she will be busy, busy, busy.

Anyway, we had to go to the book store (my favorite place) to buy a couple of books for her assignments. I said, "I'm going to the poetry section to pick out a couple of books." She said, "Mom, you don't read poetry". Strange guy said, "It's never too late to start". Gee thanks, Strange Guy.

I found a book for poetry and it is really cool. Strange Guy was right, "It's never too late to start".

I received a wonderful compliment from a parishioner the other day. He said that I'm the best thing that has happened at the church in a long time. How Sweet. Of course, he was on pain meds at the time but it was still sweet.

Now time for me to get back to watching the Olympics. Every two years, I have a special favorites list on my satellite named "Olympics". I love watching them and I'm not a big sports watcher. There is something special about it. I watched the Saber Fencing this morning and saw the US women sweep the medals. It was so cool.

(Was this post random or what?)

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Crimson Rambler said...

I am snorfing and snortling in my Pepsi over the parishioner on pain meds... HEY! we take our affirmations where we find'em!!!