Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Bit of News

I found out today one (of many) of the things that the psychologist is holding against me. Apparently, I waited too long to get my divorce. Agreed my ex-husband was a very un-nice kind of guy, and was in jail at the time but the reason that I took so long to get my divorce was because I was waiting for the Abuse Crisis Center to provide an attorney for me at low-cost.

I explained that it was a matter of being poor but apparently that is a crime in his eyes. I weighed my choices.....feed my child and pay the electric bill OR get a divorce from a man currently locked up and no threat to me.

I guess that was the wrong choice for a potential clergy member to make.

I know that the great majority of United Methodists would probably not agree with him. Unfortunately, he is in a position of power and that makes all the difference in the world to me.

I feel that I am being abused all over again. What is most painful is the things about me that he objects to happened before my conversion to Christianity and my Baptism.

Are Redemption and Forgiveness merely mouthed platitudes or do they really have a place in the Methodist Church?


Crimson Rambler said...

The only response I can think of is, WTF?
Even if what you made was the Wrong Choice, and I don't think for one moment it was...are those who never make Wrong Choices better fitted for the pastorate than us fallible types? Wha'?

more cows than people said...


pure bs. ARGH!

mid-life rookie said...

Good Question. Maybe you'll get to ask it of someone who needs to hear it. Still praying.

DogBlogger said...

Oooooh, does that make me furious (I second Crimson Rambler's "WTF")! And I've never even met you in real life!

Still praying...

Rev. Dulce said...

Thank you all for your outrage. It helped me to vent and made me feel better.

One of my friends keeps saying "It will be okay" and I love and appreciate that but every once in a while I want a little honest outrage.

I am getting over this. I think. It doesn't seem to occupy my every waking moment. Two weeks was enough time to wallow in self-pity.

Thank you all for your support and remember to preach a sermon on "Domestic Violence". Become educated and an advocate because it isn't going away and is actually now affecting our children all the way down to Pre-teens.

And as we can all see, old white men in power positions seem to have a hard time understanding being powerless.