Friday, September 5, 2008

Wednesday Night

Wednesday night we were suffering from the remnants of Hurricane Gustav. Trees were falling everywhere, power was off, and then my water heater tank burst and water went everywhere.

Plumbers are coming today to replace said water heater but apparently the old one was thirty years old and so many, many code violations have to be addressed. They think that they might have it replaced today.

Luckily, I rent so I won't have to come up with the $835 to repair the thing.

Unluckily (for those around me), I haven't showered in two days. I am going to have to take a cold shower if they can't get it installed today because I have my very first Pet Blessing Service tomorrow. The excitement level is very high at the church for this service. My thoughts are.......if I come home tomorrow without having been will have been a good day.

I might just start boiling water and take an old-fashioned bath. Hmmmm......

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