Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today Ryss boarded an airplane for New York City. She will be spending seven days there on a mission/cultural trip. Excited does not even begin to cover how she feels right now. This is the first time, since she was old enough to remember, that she has flown. Me, on the other hand, not so happy.

So I thought how can I spend this week with her away in a productive manner. Normally, I would read, read, and read some more. Today, though, I took a page out of Barbara Kingsolvers book, and planted a garden. All kind of veggies, strawberries and cantaloupe. I planted some stuff last year but I did it in pots because I knew I was moving. One of my church friends brought his rototiller and prepared the ground for me yesterday. Today, I planted all kinds of stuff.

It kept me from feeling sorry for myself or lonely because now I am exhausted. Gardening is hard work. Since she has decided to become a vegetarian, it will hopefully save me some money at the grocery store. Hope springs eternal....

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Sarah S-D said...

wow. cool. good for you.

we have the ground tilled.

we bought some seeds.

we need to plant.

i look forward to hearing how things turn out.