Monday, March 16, 2009

Grad School

I wonder if School's understand that it is not only their programs that can attract or lose potential and/or current students. I am seriously considering changing schools. I hate having to beg them to disburse my student loan. It is an extremely convoluted procedure. The bank/government sends them a check, then they send it to me for my signature, then I send it back to the school, where they sit on the check for one week, then they cut me a new check and finally mail it to me, whereas I finally can deposit the money. Why??

I received an email tonight that, after sitting on my money for two weeks (yes, two, not just one week), they will disburse it after the Business Manager comes back from HIS vacation. I hate needing the money. I wish that I was making what I was in the Private Sector. I don't want and won't leave the ministry over something this stupid and petty, but it is so irritating. It's not like I owe them a dime. They received all their money in January. This is MY loan. This really sucks, because the reason that I am desperate for it, is so that I can pay Duke University's TIP tuition. It's due Friday. He comes back from vacation on Thursday. I'm praying for a very, very quick turn-around.

Okay, that is my bitch session for the week. Other than this petty, petty stuff, life has been so good to me lately that I really shouldn't complain. I am going to start looking for a Spiritual Director this week. I'm not really sure about this because my last S.D. was a very organic relationship. Since the Methodist Church is a connectional system, there are some drawbacks at having a S.D. who is a member of the UM clergy. I met a female pastor who is around my age, but is a Lutheran Senior Pastor. I'm not sure that she would be a calming influence on my life though (she might be wilder than I am), which as you can see from my rant above I probably need. I recognize the need for someone to talk to, who can hold me accountable, and who I feel safe with.

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