Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two Rivers

The Trinity Trekker's expedition was a lot of fun. It was bitterly cold, raining and then sleeting. Luke was soaking wet. I was soaking wet. And it was still fun. It was a nice wide, paved trail, three miles long. I only hurt a little at the end, so my knee held up for the duration. I think that wearing a brace made a big difference.

In fact, I am planning on going again on Saturday. We had the entire park to ourselves last week (I can't understand why!!). This week the weather is supposed to be in the 70's, so I expect a lot more company. Ryss is excited about going, so I can take all the dogs. Luke didn't have to be on the leash last week because he doesn't like to stray very far from me and there was no one for him to bother. I don't think I will get away with that again, unless I go when it is sleeting.

Later in the evening it started snowing. Really the first snow that I have seen since moving to Arkansas, ice yes, snow no. The important thing is that I was at home and, will miracles never cease, my furnace was working. So I was at home AND warm.

Luke slept the rest of the day and I must confess that I, too, took a nap.

The next day, Sunday, I had my first true challenge for my Lenten fast. During our Coffee Time (named Solid Grounds), one of the guys took these wonderful smelling little bread wrapped sausages out of the oven. They looked delicious and spelled delicious, my hand was reaching for them when I remembered my fast. (I know that technically on Sunday you can indulge in whatever it is you have given up for Lent but I wanted to go the entire six weeks meat-free). It was not easy passing those up.

Tomorrow, I head for Hot Springs for my interview before the Conference BOM. I am a little scared after my last experiences but I have faith that God works things out for the best. You guys can still pray for me though.

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