Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guided Meditation

Well, the guided meditation seemed to go okay. At least, there were no audible groans from the participants. The funny thing is watching the men as they went through the exercise. Some of them could not keep their eyes closed but had to keep looking at the other men to make sure that THEIR eyes were closed.

I used the story of Jesus calming the water as the scripture for the meditation and spoke of the chaos that surrounds our busy lives. Ah well, I got something out of it even if no else did.


The Thief said...

Had they just never gone through a guided meditation? Did they just have bad attitudes?

I love doing guided meditations, and I've never had a single negative experience, leading them with youth, in a "contemporary worship" service, and with a traditional worship service (for stubborn old German-Americans) in Lent.

They've always gotten a lot out of it. It's a testimony to the power of scripture.

Rev.Dulce said...

I believe that it was a new experience for most of them. They did okay and I got positive feedback but I could see reluctance on their faces before I started. It made them feel vulnerable, I think.

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