Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quick Update

I'm busy studying in Houston this week. It always feels funny to leave everything behind and have all this time to myself (even if I spend the day surrounded by other students).

It hasn't been as lonely as it was last time. I have one of my old accountability group members staying in the same hotel, so we have spent some of our free time together. In fact, we got together last night with another member of the group that had been appointed to a church in the greater Houston area. We are having our own version of Holy Conferencing. I'm not sure that there was much talk that could be considered Holy but it was good to get together.

Today I'm leading a short Guided Meditation for the group (part of an assignment). It should be interesting to lead a group of men (I'm the only woman) through this exercise. I look at this way: if I can get this group to truly experience this, it will be quite an achievement......after all they are MEN AND PASTORS. (Is that sexist???)

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The Thief said...

I would think that this would go well - after all, they are pastors who should love the Word...