Thursday, July 17, 2008


First of all, if you are a UM Pastor, you have been following the episcopal elections (or maybe not). I am fascinated in watching the numbers of the votes. It seems like if you only receive one vote after 5 ballots that you might go ahead and withdraw. But some don't, it is like they are going to hang on until the bitter end waiting for all the others to come to their senses.

Second, I heard that electric wind mill generators are not good for the environment. The man called them "Bird Cuisinart's". Now, I agree that they probably aren't the best thing for a bird to get whacked with, but I have spent hours watching them in New Mexico. My observation is that they move incredibly slow...... It is probably worse flying through the smog that our cars generate then a few windmills. Could be wrong, I often am, but it seems that we need to work on renewable energy.

Third, I have to give a pat on the back to my friend "J", who has spent the week listening to me...........I must seem like a loony bin escapee from a very, very dysfunctional family (I'm sane, I promise I am). It's funny what will come out of my mouth if I trust you, I seldom experience it because I really don't trust a lot of people. And it always surprises me when it happens because I will say anything. Poor, poor man!


mid-life rookie said...

Yep, I was at Jurisdictional Conference today. Now the people who got one vote need to stay on the ballot so delegates have a place to throw away a vote if needed. It's the people with 20 votes... that need to think about the good of the church. Do your conferences (either of them) have to get a new Bishop? We know we will get someone new as we have had a retired Bishop who came back in when our Bishop died a couple of years ago. I'm watching this with interest for this and other reasons. One of my best friends and my boss are both delegates. See my blog on a biblical perspective.

Rev.Dulce said... old conference and my new conference are both good to go with Bishops as far as I know, but what I know about the Bishop's plans could fit on the head of that proverbial pin.