Monday, July 28, 2008

Too Quiet

I am keeping very busy with stuff at the new church but, at night, it is so quiet. It is going to be such a big change when Ryss goes to college, if this is any indication.

Plus, it doesn't help that it is over 100 outside, so being anywhere without air conditioning is a misery. So you start feeling trapped. Thank goodness that I head to Kansas on Friday, so this is almost over. Of course, she is already talking about doing it again next summer. I really hope that we can pull it off. She is getting summer studies stuff from Vanderbilt, so that might be another option.


more cows than people said...

thanks so much for the card. that was SO sweet of you.

and vanderbilt sounds good...

mid-life rookie said...

You should be picking her up about now, so I'm glad you are reunited. Have a safe trip home.