Monday, July 21, 2008

Home, Sweet, Home

It's kind of funny how fast you can "be at home" in a new place. I was very glad to get back "home" from Houston. Now granted, I really don't like Houston. It plays havoc with my allergies whenever I am down there, but it was so nice to get home. I think that it has to do with my daughter and my dogs. Of course, my daughter is still away at camp but my dogs are doing their best to keep me company.

I am in the middle of planning a Pet Blessing Service. We are having it conjunction with the last Dog wash of the season, sponsored by the SPCA. I'm not sure that I can conduct the service and bring my own dogs.....maybe one of them but not sure about all three. Of course, Ryss will be back in town by then so I can put her in charge of at least one of them.
One lady said, "I'm not sure than mine need blessed, do you offer exorcism's?"

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Crimson Rambler said...

good fortune with Pet Blessings, sounds wonderful! Enjoy!
And I've tagged you for a wee meme on my blog...