Monday, October 13, 2008

Does Bad Luck Come in Three's?

My computer crashed right before my big paper is due. I have no idea why, but I emailed the paper to myself. So it is accessible. I, however, did not back up all my financial information before it crashed. I hope that the computer people will be able to fix the problem.

My new "used" washing machine died after washing its very first load at my house. I am contemplating a burnt offering to the washer god. This is the second washing machine to die in the last three monthes.

And for the 3rd thing, my brake pads are wearing out and making that squeaky noise.

Thank goodness everything else has been going so well or I would think that somebody was out to get me. ;-)

1 comment:

Sarah S-D said...

aie, yuck.

do get new pads though... don't want to test that bad luck theory with a break failure!

hopefully you're done with the yuckiness. glad everything else is going so well.