Friday, December 28, 2007

Angel FIre

Just wanted to let you all know that we arrived safely at Angel Fire, New Mexico. Ryss is currently out on the slopes learning how to snowboard. I watched her a few minutes ago and she was flying down the hill...until she fell (Ouch). She went a long way before she fell, though. She could already skateboard a little so that helped her with this.

The drive into the mountains was absolutely glorious. Snow was falling and the scene was one of peace and beauty. I hate being cold in Texas because it seeps into your bones but being in New Mexico was just as I remembered growing up. And hasn't really bothered me at all, Ryss has had a little more trouble adjusting to the cold.

Down in the lobby of the resort last night they had a man (Tom Perry) playing both the violin and guitar (not at the same time). We spent hours watching him. She can't wait to see him again tonight. I haven't' been able to convince her to play the violin with him or even to bring her guitar down to the lobby. What a goof. We picked up some guitar lesson books for her in Amarillo and she is already playing "Ode to Joy" and "O Susanna".

It has been fun so far. The only bad thing to happen was I lost some money--somewhere. Not enough to matter but enough to sting a little. I consider it my offering to the Mountain gods....I'm just kidding.

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