Monday, December 24, 2007

Candlelight Service

(See the great big box by the tree? That's the violin. Under the tree looks pretty scarce, it's hard to show a Snowboarding vacation under the tree.)

Candlelight Service: I thought it was going to be a disaster. My musician and my liturgist did not show up for the Christmas Candlelight Service. I was freaking out. We had a ton, a ton, of guests. AND NO ONE TO PLAY THE MUSIC.

We did the entire service of Lessons and CAROLS a cappella. It was a wonderful service. During one hymn, my daughter, who was helping with the reading of the lessons made everyone do an extra verse of a hymn that she thought they could do better. It was all done with humor and laughter and, guess what, the second time was much better. Imagine a very short, 13 year-old girl, bossing and coaxing an entire congregation to put more heart in the singing of the hymns. John Wesley would be proud....I know that I am.

I wish that the shrinks could see how preachers react to real-life situations. We still haven't found out where the missing pianist (AKA Head Bane) or the liturgist are. We drove over, checking on them but the house was empty, car was gone, and all the presents were gone from under the tree. So we are hoping that they are with family.

Spent yesterday, after church, with my ex-husband's family. He wasn't there but they are so great to both Ryss and I. I wasn't looking forward to driving to Flower Mound which is over 100 miles from our house, but it was a good trip. One of the reasons was my new present from Ryss. She got me a Sirius Radio for the car. I listened to a comedy show all the way there and laughed all the way there. I thought that after that horrible drive to Houston I would hate being in the car again but it was nice and now I'm not dreading the actual drive to New Mexico.

My neice was kind of enought to give me a massage today. She is a Registered Massage Therapist. It is so nice having one in the family. Now all we need is an Auto Mechanic and a doctor and the family will be sitting pretty.

Tonight my baby curled up in my lap while I read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to her. One of our holiday traditions. She is real big on traditions. If we do it once (and she likes it), it offically and magically becomes a tradition. So I'm praying that all of you have put your presents under the tree, kissed all your munchkins (or spouses) and wake up to a truly magical morning.


more cows than people said...

the musician and the liturgist didn't show??? what??? are they volunteers? well, i'm sure the liturgist is, but the musician???

glad it went so well and that your daughter inspired more joyful singing. how great! a capella is actually a great thing!

yay for your lovely traditions.

hope your vacation is marvelous.

merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

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