Saturday, December 1, 2007

Questions and Confessions

Tonight I am preparing for the first Christmas party of the season. It is with the Ladies Club and, of course, requires that I bring a gift. Now don't get me wrong, I love giving and receiving gifts at Christmas. However, it becomes extremely expensive if you add them all up. As a pastor in a small community, I get invited to several events. I'm sure that many of you have great ideas about getting through this season without going broke. I need them and I need them now. Please remember that I'm not that into cooking, which is another issue. I'm expected to be the pastor and the pastor's wife all rolled into one person, frustrating to say the least.

Another aspect of the season is parades, every little town in the area has them. I skipped one today. That's my confession. Between the church and all the civic organizations and Ryss's different activities, I would be working on parade floats 24/7. I skipped, I confess I skipped, and I don't feel sorry that I skipped. However, I will be there next week-end working on a float for the Ladies Club. Ryss is going to play the Virgin Mary. She has the coloring for a realistic Mary, if not the temperament.

Tomorrow the church will have a special visitor. One of my parishioner's sister is married to a Sheik from Jordon and they are both coming to the worship service. My fingers are crossed that my people are on their very best behavior. One of my member's and I have a debate every time that Islam is mentioned. She says that it was a mixture of all the different religions in the Middle East and I remind her that Christianity has many aspects of other religions mixed in our belief system. My B.S. is in Medieval History and I understand syncretism. She says it is different for Christians because our religion is based on Jesus Christ. Care to wade into the debate...........

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