Saturday, December 22, 2007

Vague Results

I suppose that yesterday went okay, at least I made it back safe and sound. I don't have any more to say....the doctor said he would let me know immediately before I went to Houston, but yesterday he said that he needed more time to process the information. Apparently, I'm complex....what person that lives to age 43, has children, has been married and lived life is not complex?

He will let me know the results sometime after the 1st of the year. It is all in God's hands now. I refuse to let it spoil the Christmas holidays with my daughter. I've done all I can. The only negative thought that I have is that I have been tested four times and even last month was assured that everything was normal with my testing. One of my friends has suggested that they may have mixed up the test results since it isn't done by our name but by a number. Ah well, I will survive even if he doesn't give me a good recommendation.


Sue said...

Argh. The doc should have kept to his word and done a quicker job of 'processing' the information. No way should he have left you out there waiting for results over Christmas.

I think his heart is a few sizes too small. Just sayin...


DogBlogger said...

Thanks for the update.