Friday, December 7, 2007

Tragedy in Omaha

Whenever something happens like what happened at the mall in Omaha, we watch the news, we cry, we pray but I wonder if there isn't more that we can do. We all heard about the childhood of this young man and being bounced around in foster care. I am considering becoming a foster mom. I worry about it because as a Methodist pastor I couldn't offer the stability of a home in a permanent location---itineracy does have some downsides.

MoreCows talked about counseling a young man who was being bullied at school. And I wonder if we couldn't develop some program to help with situations like that....I'm just thinking out loud about making a difference. I mean isn't that why most of us answered this peculiar calling?

My 92 year old parishioner made it through the surgery with flying colors. They did have to remove a portion of her colon but she didn't even need any pain meds last night. While I was ministering to that family another branch of the same family came into the emergency room. So I got to shuffle back and forth between the two groups. Both are recovering right now.

I was given the name of a UMC pastor in California who is just finishing up his D.Min. project over a similar topic as mine. He was so very helpful and talked to me for almost an hour. Gave me several ideas and, even better, several books that will help. So I ordered them as soon as we got off the phone and I can't wait until I get them. They help you tailor your prayer life (or that of your small groups) based on your Meyer-Briggs type. He told me, based on my type, that I would most closely identify with Ignatius of Loyola and Francis of Assisi. My gospel writer is Matthew. I definitely agreed with the Francis assessment (I have written several papers over Francis and his order). But not with the Matthew assessment----Mark is my favorite gospel writer. He did say that I would like James the brother of Jesus. And I do. "Faith without works is dead"....who doesn't love that?

I tried to start a Bible Study over the James Spiegel book on Christian virtues. However, after the group reviewed the book, they decided that it was too hard for them to read. (See me.....biting my tongue....refusing to comment.....)

Well, I'm spending my afternoon decorating the Christmas float for the Ladies Club.

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Crimson Rambler said...

I hear you on the "oh, it's too hard" comment...I don't always get the tongue between the teeth in time... I suspect most of my congregation just flat can't read. Anything.