Sunday, December 2, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Worship with Eucharist and an Infant baptism....good, good and awesome. (Advent is an interesting time for a Muslim to visit a Methodist Church....lot's of mentions of Israel and Zion. Hmmm.......)

Decorating the church.... all done (nothing got broken).

Christmas Pageant.... very funny.

Four churches eating together..... best of all (Plus, we had enough food for everyone.....didn't expect that many people to show for the pageant and really didn't expect almost all of them to stay for dinner. It was awesome.)

Mental state...good.
Physical state....exhausted with District meeting tomorrow. There should be a rule against district meetings during Advent. Aren't we all busy enough?!!


The Thief said...

If all those "Israel" and "Zion" statements are just left spoken, then it would be a horrible time for a Muslim to visit. In fact, unless there's someone there to talk about everything that's going on, almost every UMC would be a horrible place for almost every visitor.

There's too much insider terminology and tradition for an outsider to grasp.

Look at the songs we sing. Really look at the words. Some of our favorite hymns are completely irrelevant to current Americans simply do to their use of archaic language and meaningless (to them) symbols.

If you can't tell, you hit one of my buttons with this post...

Crimson Rambler said...

churches eating together, YES! churches singing and eating together, YES YES!!! We had another parish with us last night for Lessons & Carols...and casseroles...had to set up two additional folding tables to accommodate everybody at supper, it was GLORIOUS, glad yours was too!
And what would a visiting Jew have thought of the mentions of Israel and Zion and Jerusalem???