Sunday, May 18, 2008

She's Back

My baby girl is back from Florida. And just like a teenager, she left with friends about an hour after she got home. I'm just glad that she made it back safely and had a great time. It's good to have her home again.

I'm glad that I will be at my D.Min. seminar and getting settled into a new church when she is gone for three weeks this summer for her Duke University TIP program studies. One week has been bad, I can't even imagine how three would be.

I guess that it is practice for when she goes to college, but I still get to enjoy her for a few more years.

The DS has found a pastor to take on my little church here. It will be part of a 2-point charge with a totally unexpected church. The pastor and I come out of the same home church and are good friends. I hope that he does well here and that the church prospers.

I preached on the Great Commission today. I told them that it says "Go" not stay and wait for the people to show up. I hope that they understand.

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