Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things falling into place

Ah, didn't offend Sis with the suggestion of the bus. Apparently, my nephew was totally psyched about riding the bus.............another head-ache bites the dust.

New Senior Pastor wants me to take a day and visit Annual Conference. Considering that it starts the day that I move to LR that is going to be difficult. I hate the idea of leaving Ryss alone the first week that we are in a new place. But Annual Conference is only about an hour's drive so, I will pop down there and then run home ASAP. Ryss said it would give her time to unpack without me bossing her around. Not true...........I can boss her around via the cell phone.

My uncle is going to have a fenced backyard ready for us when we arrive.'s been too long living without one.

I am getting the U-Haul truck next Saturday. Loading all day, cleaning the parsonage and then on Sunday preaching my last sermon and hitting the road for LR. Hopefully to be met by the UMM who will help me unpack the truck.


Songbird said...

Hi, Rev. Dulce~
Is Lucien a Berner, or a Berner mix? We have two Berners at our house!
All the best on your move,

Rev. Dulce said...

Lucien does look like a Bernie but he is a Tri-colored Australian Shepherd (albeit a very large Aussie). We did try to use him as a small pony yesterday but, alas, he objected quite strenously.

mid-life rookie said...

Hey Songbird, I'm glad you found my friend Rev. Dulce. RD, I'm going to miss you. Hoping our mutual friend's move went well yesterday and will pray for yours in a week.

Songbird said...

I'm glad, too! He's a sweet looking dog, and those are the right three colors!!