Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I didn't realize how spoiled I had become until I started searching for a house to rent. I love my parsonage. It is big, beautiful and in a great location. I have found a couple of places to move to, all in good school districts. One of them will cost $315 more a month than the other will.

It is a lot nicer place and more comparable to what we have been living in but I'm not sure that it is smart to spend an extra $315/month just for my spoiled sensibilities. I don't want to go overboard and not leave us any extra to go and experience the things that will be offered in the big city, travel and for all that's holy finally have high-speed Internet.

Give me your insights. I am tired of having to pinch pennies every time we decide to do something. Plus, I thought if we can't stand it we can move when the lease is up and maybe have a better handle on what we can and can't afford. Because I have no idea how much utilities will be..............

I am going to Little Rock next week for a newcomer's orientation given by the Bishop's Office. It will be physically very hard to get there and still make all the end of year banquets that Ryss has next week.

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DogBlogger said...

My hunch is that taking the cheaper one is the better choice, because with the many adjustments that accompany a move, the last thing you want is to be strapped for cash. Email me the addresses if you want, and I'll ask my family members who live there.