Friday, May 9, 2008

Long Delay

Sorry for the long delay since my last post. I woke up last Friday with a temperature of 103. I've never had a fever like that as an adult. It put me down for the count. I am still battling a residual low-grade fever and a cough but am feeling much better. Especially since a call I got yesterday.................

I have been officially appointed to the Arkansas Conference. I have the great new job as Associate pastor of a big church. I am so very excited. I was jumping up and down yesterday (and then stopping to cough until I choked).

Now the hard work really begins. I have to try to get all packed up here, find a house there, try to get as much of my Pre-Seminar D.Min. stuff done as possible, and continue to minister to the folks here. It's a tall order but I know that with God's help it will all come together.

I owe all of you my thanks because I know that you have been praying that this worked out for the best and it did. Thank you!!


more cows than people said...


i'm sorry to hear that you've bee so ill.

i'm thrilled to hear this call worked out.

i wish you blessings in the transition. we're on very similar schedules moving to very similar parts of the world.

sorry i never replied to that last e-mail you sent me.

DogBlogger said...


A little bird told me to come over here...I'm so glad I did. Congratulations! Emailing you in a second.

mid-life rookie said...

yipee and praise God! It is so hard when things really come down to the very last minute. I've told God on several occasions, "Look, if we are operating on need to know basis, now is the time I need to know!" I"m thrilled for you. Expect to hear from DogBlogger soon. She's familiar with Arkansas Methodism.

Crimson Rambler said...

I am SO GLAD for you!