Sunday, May 25, 2008

Two More Weeks

I have two weeks left at my current church and I'm starting to (finally) get a handle on the whole packing business. At least, I don't feel like I am just spinning me wheels. I can see progress. It sure isn't easy (or fun).

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and my plans include packing up the garage. I don't even like to clean the garage, so I'm not looking forward to this project. Today I did get two loads of furniture moved to the church for their garage sale next month. I am taking this down-sizing very seriously. I decided that it would be much easier to do it here, rather than wait and do it at the new place. Plus, this will help the Trustee's make enough money from the garage sale to fix the roof issues at the church.

I asked my D.S. about his opinion of me going to Annual Conference. He agreed that I should probably skip it and use this time to prepare for the move. I'm so glad. I didn't want to spend four days in Houston, unable to vote on anything, unable to have a voice, and unable to continue my packing progress.

Plus, I am in the middle of trying to finish the majority of my reading and writing for my D.Min. seminar in July. I haven't made as much progress as I had hoped. I really wanted to be totally finished prior to the move. Unrealistic you say, are probably right.

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