Thursday, January 10, 2008

Admin Council

Last night was our regularly scheduled Administrative Council meeting and it was flowing along fine. We were moving forward in a constructive manner as we dealt with the issues of our non-merger.

One of the items discussed was keeping up the high attention to detail in regards to our facility. It is so easy to become accustomed to things that you don't even notice that they need repaired, restored or just get used to it. I mentioned that the chair in the nursery smelled bad (mildew/mold) and that I had a rocker/recliner that I would bring to the church to replace this chair. THAT WOMAN, whom I am beginning to find it really hard to love, literally called me a liar...OVER A CHAIR. I immediately just dropped the subject but OMG, even prior to becoming a pastor, even before converting to Christianity, I would never have called someone a liar over something so insignificant. It wasn't like I said it was her fault that the darn chair smells horrible.

This person and her daughter drive a significant distance to church. The daughter announced that they were looking for a church in their hometown not too long ago and I am praying that they find one soon. The daughter actually got up from the meeting and walked into the nursery, and in full view of the entire council smelled the chair. She didn't say anything so I'm hoping that she got a nose full. We just replaced the carpet in the nursery and have really made it a nice place for parents to drop their children off and this woman has resisted every single change.

I'm beginning to believe that it is me she is really resisting. If I had said the chair smelled wonderful, she would have claimed to smelled to high heaven. I believe that she is upset that when they announced their plans to find a church in their hometown, no one jumped up and tried to talk them into staying. Ah, you reap what you sow.

Other than that, the rest of the meeting went well and they are even sending a repairman to the parsonage tomorrow to fix my dryer and the oven. The oven hasn't worked right for the past four years and the dryer is a fire hazard.

They did vote to drop out of the Transformation Project. Not because the church doesn't want to transform but because the cost is $1,000 and they don't feel that the consultant has really done more than come in for 20 minutes and tell them what was wrong with the physical plant. There wasn't any constructive ideas and/or support for reaching our community. It didn't help that he was a total jerk and didn't try to connect with the people.

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