Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Five

1. When is your birthday? Does anyone else (famous and/or in your own life) share it?
My birthday is July 26th and I share the same birthday with Sandra Bullock. She was even born the same year I was. Kate Beckinsale is another celebrity that shares my birthday.

2. Do you prefer a big party or an intimate celebration for the chosen few?
I prefer an intimate celebration of a chosen few. Friends that I can just be myself with.

3. Describe your most memorable birthday(s)--good, bad, or both.
My 18th birthday was spend at the US Army Induction Center. The very next day I was on an airplane to Fort McClellan Alabama to begin my basic training.

4. What is your favorite cake and ice cream? (Bonus points if you share the cake recipe). Or would you rather have a different treat altogether?
I love cheesecake covered with caramel.

5. Surprise parties: love 'em or hate 'em?
Only someone who really didn't know me would think that a surprise party was a good idea or someone who really didn't like me. Thank God that no one has been so cruel.

Bonus: Describe your ideal birthday--the sky's the limit.
My ideal birthday would happen on a Greek Island as part of my world/year-long cruise.

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