Monday, January 14, 2008

Mentally Gearing up For Worship

This is me....getting ready for worship. I want you to notice the careful color coordination between the pajama's and the socks, the go-get-'em energy and the careful posture. I did go on to preach a sermon that seemed to resonate with the people, Reaffirmed our Baptismal Covenant, had a good crowd and our monthly luncheon was cordial.

I am kind of bummed that the Dallas Cowboy's lost but I quickly put that behind me as I took the rest of the day to celebrate the birthday of my 7 year old great-niece and read a novel totally for its entertainment value.

Tomorrow night is the big meeting with the District Superintendent. It should be interesting (and not the good kind of interesting). I am tempted to take today off because of tomorrow but I have my nose to the grindstone.....but the purple slipper socks are still on my feet.


mid-life rookie said...

My slipper socks are stripes of different shades of blue. Glad the sermon resonated. What is the meeting? I probably missed something a while back.

Crimson Rambler said...

In our polity, purple-hued underclothing is usually diagnosed as revealing deep longings for the episcopate???!!

Rev. Dulce said...

They are really old slipper socks so if I had any ambitions to the episcopacy they have been well and truly killed by these years in the process.