Friday, January 25, 2008

Hip, Hip, .....

I went to the Chiropractor on the way to visit my sick parishioner in the hospital. I was still having problems with my hip after my spectacular fall last week. He put it back where it was supposed to be and the burning sensation on the skin stopped almost immediately. I thought well great, it's going to get better. And I am sure that it will, however there is a price to be paid because the muscles that were abused over the last 10 days or so are not happy. My leg is cramping so bad that it is bringing tears to my eyes.

While visiting my parishioner, her son and his work partner came in the room. We were all sitting around talking and the friend said, "I would never marry a woman who couldn't cook well." I popped off (without thinking), "That's sexist". The son started laughing and agreed with me but I was so embarrassed. Not because I said it (I thought it was a sexist remark) but because I was supposed to be there comforting the sick not confronting the stupid. A few minutes later I got up and made everyone hold hands and we prayed for my lady. I wonder if they told him after I left that I was the pastor??


more cows than people said...

hope your muscles recover soon.

and... you were speaking the truth, sister. that is part of our job too.

mid-life rookie said...

Well your visit wasn't boring! Hope you feel better.