Monday, January 7, 2008


My new and revised sermon on Sunday went extremely well. So well that one of the parishioner's asked me to revamp it a little and preach it at her wedding. is amazing what people get out of a sermon because I said absolutely nothing that could be misconstrued as relating to a wedding but it was a sermon filled with hope and new beginning's.

For those of you interested, my liturgist was visiting her mother at the rehab center. The pianist totally and completely forgot about the church service even after being reminded about it at 4 p.m. that same day. Oh well, why should we think about Christ at Christmas??? (Yes, I am a smart ass.)

As for the other stuff I'm dealing with, I have done everything within my power and the rest is up to God. I'm not even worrying about it with the top of my is still simmering away underneath everything but I don't think that I'm letting it consume me.

I have other stuff to do that. Apparently, a couple of my church members believe that part of the church's problems are related to the fact that I have pet's. How that could even begin to affect church membership is beyond me so I think it is merely a target for their frustration. Of course, I would "go to the mats" over my dogs so they better not trip down that lane too far. It is very hard on a family to be itinerant and the one constant in my daughter's life is her pets.


The Thief said...

YOUR PETS?!?!?! Come on! These are such dysfunctional idiots I wonder how they even live with themselves. WOW.

DogBlogger said...

Um, yeah. That is waaaay over the line. Are they dog-haters or something? Do they have a problem with gifts of God's creation?

Okay, I'll stop now.