Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shoot Me, Shoot Me Now

We had a Congregational Meeting with the District Superintendent last night to discuss the future of my church. One man actually called the D.S. a dictator and what was especially upsetting about it was the fact that the DS was actually being very conciliatory. He was trying to explain that he doesn't take votes because it means that there are winners and losers. He wanted a consensus before moving forward. Plus, this very same man brought up (AGAIN) how much he didn't like the DS's preaching from over a year ago. He said the DS pranced while he preached (OMG).

My head is hanging in shame................. It is like when your child embarrasses you in public. I just wanted to thump some of them.

The outcome of the meeting was very satisfactory, both to the DS and to the church. It appears (pending approval) that this church and the other church involved in the merger are going to join charges and be served by one pastor but remain autonomous. It will become a very strong student appointment. I just hope that the student has very thick skin (think rhino skin).

My DS called me on his way home and said that he wouldn't have lasted at this church for nearly as long as I have and commended me for my fortitude. It made me feel somewhat better but yesterday was very painful.

And to top it off in the middle of the night one of the dogs needed to go out very, very quickly and as I ran through the house trying to get him out before he threw up everywhere, I fell. It wasn't a nice graceful kind of fall, oh no, it was a full body slam. You know that exercise bicycle that has helped me lose all the weight, well it has an evil side. It reached out and grabbed my ankle as I flew through the house with Luke and took me me out. It shocked Luke so much that he was able to actually hold off on vomiting as he checked on me, so he got outside before he got tossed his cookies. I, however, am a very sore camper this morning. In a very strange way, since I was going so fast when I fell, I didn't have time to try and catch myself with my arms so I didn't break a wrist (which has happened to me three times in the past). My right hip is screaming at me but nothing is broken.

I'm feeling a little jinxed and need a prayer to remove said jinx.


mid-life rookie said...

God of Love, Pour your Spirit of peace and comfort in, over, and through Rev. Dulce. Give her comfort in her body and peace in her Spirit, knowing you are always with her. Make your presence known to her today. Send her a touch of humor to remind her of the joy we can find in you when we can't find it anywhere else. Amen.

Crimson Rambler said...

Dear friend, please don't be taking on this falling-down thing as a hobby. It sucks. Here's hoping for rapid resolution of the aches and pains. Including the pains in the A*** at parish meetings. Do you suppose it would help to tell them that we need them to be their very best selves, just for an hour or so? Glad to hear the affirmation from the DS, tho'.

Rev. Dulce said...

I sincerely hope not to make it a habit to fall down. However, if the past is any indication, I can count on doing it a few more times.

I was glad for the affirmation from the DS, too. Tonight at Bible Study they were the sweetest group you would ever hope to be around. I guess they are a study in contrast's also.

more cows than people said...

you are responsible TO your parishioners, not FOR them. their crappy behavior has nothing to do with you no matter how it may feel at the moment. kudos to your d.s. for giving you grace after the meeting. good man. and as for the fall- aie. ow. so sorry to hear about it.

better day today?

Anonymous said...

This is midlife rookie's Mom
She was showing me your blog picture of your worship prepartion attire. After admiring your fashion statement, I continued to read some of your blogs. Got to the one about the first fall.
OMG I am recovering from a broken wrist and i DON'T want to experience that ever again!!!!

Rev. Dulce said...

Glad to hear from Rookie's mom. She is an absolutely wonderful person. She helped me get through seminary and especially world religions. And continues to help me even today.

I have broken my wrist three times, my ankle a couple of times, my hip (when I was just a kid) and a few ribs. I led a very active and adventurous life (now I'm just clumsy). My wrist is much better but my hip and leg is still hurting from the first fall.

Be very proud of your daughter. I Am!!!