Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I made up for my disappointing diet news of last week yesterday. I lost three pounds over Thanksgiving. Yep, a minor miracle has occurred. Plus, I have lost over 11" over-all. Not a bad start but much, much more to go.

I was reading "How To Be Good In a World Gone Bad" by James Spiegel last night. He is a Christian philosophy teacher at Taylor University in Indiana. It is a book about the virtues. I have found it extremely helpful in my personal journey. Anyway I read a chapter on faith that really hit home.

You all know that I have been scared about sending in my Commissioning packet. He says that my fear is a symptom of a lack of faith. Ouch, double ouch. My friend who was ordained a few years ago said, "Send it in!" My mentor said, "Send it in."

I have been following a chatline about the problems with the ordination process. A pastor is who is now retired recounted the struggles that she had with the ordination process and how it almost kept her from being ordained as an elder. I suppose that my problem is not and has never been unique. And it was my pride that was hurt so in many ways I am showing a lack of faith.

I plan on taking it to the post office this week and mailing it. I would go today but I woke up (very late) feeling like I'm fighting off a cold. I am taking lots of zinc and vitamin C but feel pretty cruddy. This is not the season to get sick.... way too busy.

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