Monday, November 12, 2007


Today, I got up, exercised and then got busy. I have finished all of my paperwork for my commissioning; Sermon, Bible Study, BOD Questions. Everything is finished except for making four copies and submitting it all to the Registrar. It is due on December 19th.

It was pretty much all done but I got it all submitted on the DOVE system today and put the finishing touches on a couple of things.

I feel very free now. So I will be going into my psych evaluation with a good attitude, which is much better than it was last week. I am so psyched right now. All of that stuff that was hanging over my head is gone; Charge Conference=finished, Commissioning Stuff=finished, D.Min. papers=finished except for one paragraph and bibliography.

I am dancing around my office right now.

Now about that bibliography- my D.Min. project is over small groups and spiritual growth in a small church. I have a lot of Spiritual formation and growth books but my library is sadly deficient in small group dynamics, leadership of small groups, etc. Do any of you have book recommendations? This is due on November 20th. And then I will be finished for 2007 except for all the normal churchy stuff that we all will be doing.

I am getting very excited about my vacation. Please pray that nothing interferes with this. It seems kind of selfish but I am tired and really want a break.

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